Spetsathlon, 13-15 May 2022

The Spetses Triathlon, Spetsathlon 2022 will take place from the 13th to the 15th of May 2022, in the beautiful island of Spetses.

The race is co-organized by the Spetsathlon Committee and the HTF (Hellenic Triathlon Federation), who, with its proven international expertise will provide the basis for an event of high standards with judges certified by the European Federation.

The Spetsathlon consists of:

1. Triathlon race with two courses:

  • Spetses Triathlon Sprint (750m swimming, 25km cycling and 5km running / relay teams allowed)
  • Spetses Triathlon Endurance (1500m swimming, 50km cycling and 10km running / relay teams allowed)

2. Cycling Race (25 km) – Island Round of Spetses

3. Swimming races (1000 m / 3000 m)

4. 5K Run (5 km running)

For more information on your participation visit:

Contact us for our accommodation packages for the event.

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